Are Tree Roots Clogging Your Sewer Line?

Many homeowners never bother to think about their main sewer line until there is an emergency. Like many modern conveniences, functional plumbing is easy to take for granted. Some simple maintenance from time to time can help prevent many of the messy, potentially expensive, disasters that homeowners fear most.

What you may not know is that even if you do all of the basic things right – never pour grease or oil down your kitchen sink, put nothing but tissue paper in the toilet, periodically flush out your bathtub and sink drains, etc. – you can still end up with a main sewer line clog. This is especially likely if your house has a mature tree in the yard. Tree roots grow toward water, and because of this they tend to seek out sewer lines, especially if there is a small crack or even a tiny gap at one of the sewer line joints.

It only takes a tiny hole for a tree’s root to grow into the pipe. Once it works its way inside, the roots will begin to sprout and grow along the length of the sewer line. The roots quickly branch off and create a thick, almost hairlike structure that collects soap scum, grease, body oil, and debris, eventually causing a full blockage if not taken care of. Mature trees usually have an extensive root system that can take up much of the yard. It’s not unusual, upon inspecting a sewer line, to find several points of entry where a tree’s roots have invaded the main pipe or any of the secondary sewage lines leading from the house.

If multiple drains in your house seem sluggish, or you notice a foul odor emitting from the sink, toilet, or shower, or – worse yet – your basement floor drain starts to back up, you should call a professional drain cleaning specialist to have a look at your system. There is a good chance a blockage is forming in the sewer lines. If possible, you want to take care of this problem before it becomes an emergency. This will not only save you money; it may save you a very unpleasant experience you won’t soon forget.

If, upon inspection, it’s found that tree roots have in fact invaded your sewer line, a special root-cutting snake will have to be used to clear them out. After that, you will probably have to continue making appointments periodically to clear the roots out, because even after they are cut and flushed away, they will continue to grow back into the line through the opening they found. It may even be necessary to replace your sewer line if the damage is extensive enough.

If you are a homeowner and have never had your sewer line checked, it is highly recommended you do so, especially if you have a mature tree anywhere near the sewer line. It’s a relatively inexpensive procedure and can save you lots of stress and money by catching any potential problems before they become an emergency. When it comes to your sewer lines, a little bit of maintenance and prevention is well worth the investment. Shoreline Sewer and Drain, LLC offers sewer line services in Port Charlotte, North Port, Sarasota, Englewood, Venice, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Arcadia, Florida. Give us a call now for your free sewer line service estimate!